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Food Variety suggestion

After building the port I found no use for it apart from the cows which provide milk & sheep that provide wool. The new trees just become fruit & plants just become vegetables. I see no point wasting resources sending out the ship to simply obtain the same items that I already have. I also have the same issue with farming potatoes I see no point to it when the gatherers bring in more than enough "vegetables". I guess what i am asking is can potatoes be stored as potatoes, pigs as pork, apples as apples, etc, etc. this in turn would open a new building "grocery" or a Market.
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    Sunday, October 02 2016, 10:02 AM - #Permalink
    JoKeRc wrote:

    After building the port I found no use for it apart from the cows which provide milk & sheep that provide wool. The new trees just become fruit & plants just become vegetables. I see no point wasting resources sending out the ship to simply obtain the same items that I already have. I also have the same issue with farming potatoes I see no point to it when the gatherers bring in more than enough "vegetables". I guess what i am asking is can potatoes be stored as potatoes, pigs as pork, apples as apples, etc, etc. this in turn would open a new building "grocery" or a Market.

    Add people getting happy with food variations and unhappy/sick if they have to eat potatoes only during 3 years ;)
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    Sunday, December 04 2016, 07:28 AM - #Permalink
    I completely agree, I really hope they add more food variation:) also, they could change the difficulty with food/starvation. Atm it's just too easy to have a surplus of food and everyone fed. Maybe food could turn bad with time (apples could perish after two seasons, ..?), and one of the upgrades to the house could be better storage of food so it lasts longer?
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    Tuesday, June 21 2022, 10:08 AM - #Permalink
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    Thursday, June 30 2022, 10:38 AM - #Permalink
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    How Do You Pick Your Blonde Bundles Length? How do you select the appropriate length for your hair? Should I go for a short or long style? This, I feel is a frequent issue among women. Look over this article to find out what you don't know.
    Maintaining Your Hair
    • Do not too much your hair. Each
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    • Curly hair should always be treated with a hand rather than with brushes.
    • Don't sleep with your hair wet. Tie your hair to prevent tangles.
    • Spray with conditioner to prevent the dryness and shed.
    Benefits of using Blonde Bundles
    Blonde Bundles have the benefit of allowing you to experiment with various styles. If you're looking for a more traditional look the curls and waves are a good choice. Hair highlights can be applied to achieve more modern, trendy and unique style. You can do this with straight or curly hair. The majority of people prefer using hair strands to color their hair.
    A blonde bundle has another advantage: It is able to be put on by anyone, without the assistance of a professional hairdresser. Hair bundles can be used by any person who is independent. The most appealing thing is that you are able to do it for a long period of time without worrying about hurting your hair or making it lose its beauty. It also reduces your effort and amount of time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks.
    Hair bundles have a third advantage: it can be used in a variety of colors. You can use it to create a smooth, and natural look. You can also get it in various colors, which makes it an excellent combination for
    blonde bundles . These hair products allow you to style your hair easily
    How do I select blonde bundles?
    It is important to determine the hairstyle you'd like to have when selecting blonde bundles. The bundles we offer are made of 100% Remy cuticle hair. This provides your hair with a natural look. Whichever style you select we want you to feel comfortable in your hair in a natural way.
    What is the expected life span of my blonde Bundles?
    Blonde bundles can last up to a whole year if they're properly cared for. Be sure to maintain your hairstyle is essential to keeping it last and even a little effort goes a long way. Wrapping your hair at night along with regular washing and drying can keep your hair looking clean and fresh.
    Can you swim with Blonde Bundles in the water?
    Yes, you can take a dip with your packages. They'll require extra and tender care. To reduce the amount salt or chlorine your hair absorbs, you should use a leave in conditioner before you go. Then, shampoo and condition your hair, and then add some moisture using a light conditioner.
    Does it matter when I wash my Blonde Bundles?
    Without doubt. Moisturizing and washing are crucial methods for hair care. Clean your
    blonde bundles every week and more often. The information you need in each order.
    What are the factors I should be looking at before buying Blonde Bundles?
    If you're seeking the top hair extensions, make sure they're made of real hair, not synthetic materials. Human hair will last longer and will feel and look exactly like hair.
    How can we tell whether the hair is real?
    Fake hair can melt if you ignite some hair pieces. The strong odor of burned hair is caused by human hair curling into a ball. Hair that is fake melts when exposed to heat, and gives off a rubbery smell.
    What number of Blonde Bundles will be needed to fully clothe?
    To the entire sew-in, three to five bundles of hair might be needed, based on the degree of fullness desired. If you are sewing in a part you might need to use two or three brunette bundles. To make a wig complete, you'll need the same amount of hair bundles. The volume you want will determine the amount of hair bundles that are required.
    Does your hair smell?
    While our hair doesn't contain any chemical however, it may have a slight shampoo smell. However, after co-washing the conditioner and shampoo are quickly eliminated.
    Does your hair shed?
    When the workers stitch the
    blonde bundles parts into a pack, certain bits may not be secured to the weave and may fall out when you first comb it. This isn't shedding.
    What is the right length for me?
    If you're unsure of the length you should get, be sure to get in touch with us and we'll gladly help you. If you're not sure, it is best not to cut your hair too short. To achieve the best mix, the length of your Blonde Bundles must be no more than two inches from your hair. Keep in mind that, while the length remains consistent however, it can appear shorter or longer depending on the height of the model in the chart, as well as the length of the neck and the body. The same length extensions could look different on someone with a larger physique as compared to someone who is shorter.
    How often should you color your Hair?
    It might be tempting to perform a quick-change Blonde Bundles; however, it could cause damage to your natural hair.
    Chemical treatments that bleach, color or chemically straighten your hair result in significant damage to the hair's fiber structure. The result is that hair will become more porous. The thinner your hair gets it, the course, drier and damaged it appears. In essence, the more you dye your hair, the more proteins you'll lose with each fiber, making it harder to comb, style, and keep your hair's blonde strands in addition to increasing the risk of loss.
    What Type of Dye Do you use?
    Dye is only available for only a short time
    Temporary colors are typically the most short-term and will wash out easily after just one wash. Hair coloring that is temporary is a great alternative if you are looking to play around with different hues without having to worry about permanent damage.
    Dye, which is semi-permanent
    The semi-permanent shade on
    blonde bundles is a great option to use weekly and will last between 3 and 6 washes. It isn't absorbed into hair and will not alter or lighten the natural shade.
    Semi-permanent colors do not contain peroxide, as do permanent and semi-permanent dyes. They may alter the hue of your color however; they can't alter it.
    Use bleach
    Bleach is a substance that really can take the pigment out of a hair strand and therefore is commonly used to brighten it. It's not a true dye, but it's commonly used for coloring your blonde bundles (particularly when transitioning from dark to blonde) and lasts for a long time. It cannot be washed and will not wash away until new growth begins to emerge.
    This also means that you must wait until the new hair is swelled completely before you bleach again, which is expected to be between 8 and 10 weeks.
    Your Personal Preferences
    Your personal preferences will affect the color palette you use to color your Blonde Bundles. Do you prefer to leave your natural hair exposed for a couple of months? Or are more focused on the maintenance of your hair? It's possible to dye your hair every few months.
    How to get a good night's sleep with your hair long at night?
    Have you ever enjoyed a good night's sleep only to wake up with a knotted hair that remained tangled the following day? Over time, hair damage and hair breakage could occur. It's easy to figure out how to create longer curls and sleep comfortably. Even if you are sleeping on a pillow made of silk or just keeping it up neatly, little things can make a big difference in the durability of your hair. Let's take a look at how long
    blonde bundles could be used to enhance your hair.
    Sleep With a Silk or Satin Pillowcase
    Silk is your hair's most trusted friend, as you've likely heard before. Hair friction while sleeping is a major reason for split ends, dryness, and brittleness. Silk pillows are more comfortable than covers made of linen. Your hair will have less contact at night with the pillow made of silk and will slip away from the cover without adding stress or roughness to your hair follicles.
    They provide better temperature control that helps prevent sweating from your neck or your head to ruin the hairstyles you have.
    You Should Put Your Hair Up
    A lot of people aren't sure on whether to wear their blonde hair either down or up. Do I prefer to put my hair down or up?
    We will provide you with the most sensible response here. Although long hair can appear like the ideal choice but it's not always the most effective. If you do not take care to fix your hair overnight, your hair will likely be a mess. Therefore, the best way to shield your hair from damage during sleep is to gently pull it back.
    Comb your hair just before you go to sleep
    If you wish to wake up with hair that is free of knots, comb your long hair gently with a wide-toothed comb prior to going to bed this can help. You can get rid of knots or knots. You can smoothen your hair with your fingers or a brush. This can damage the hair Blonde Bundles.
    A detangling brush with a wide-toothed, softened, or brush is suggested to lessen stress on your hair and scalp. It should glide through your hair without yanking or causing discomfort.
    Is it possible to cut a blonde bundle?
    You can cut hair however you want to look more natural when you purchase new
    blonde bundles , whether it's human hair or synthetic hair. Hair can be cut shorter, add layers, or curl it. You can cut the human hair bundles blonde by yourself.

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    Thursday, June 30 2022, 10:43 AM - #Permalink
    flat tip extension are a brand new trend in hairstyles that has taken the world by storm. They are made of synthetic materials and feature the appearance of flattened hair, which gives them a modern and sleek appearance. These extensions are simple to put on and style in a variety of ways. Extensions can be used to alter the hairstyle of yours or increase length.
    Flat Tip Extensions for Hair Extension Buyers
    Do you like the sleek and modern appearance of flat tip extensions but aren't sure how to obtain them? We have you covered. In this post, we'll explain the extensions' purpose and offer suggestions on how to insert them in and style them. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of these extensions as well as how to style them. We'll also demonstrate how extensions can be used for hair of various lengths. They are an excellent option if you want an elegant and distinctive hairstyle.
    What are flat tip?
    Extensions are a wonderful option to add to any hairstyle. They are a great option for many different purposes, from adding volume to straightening curls.
    flat tip extension can alter the look of your hair. If you're in search of a change, flat-tip extensions could be the best option for you! They are comprised of rods and clips and are a form of wig that attach to your head with hair clips and rods. So, if you're looking to explore the latest extensions options, make sure to take a look at flat tip extensions!
    Pros and cons
    Flat tip extensions are a type of hair extension that utilizes the heat of the sun to secure hair to the scalp. They are available in a range of colors and styles, and can be worn wet or dry.
    The advantages of these extensions include their versatility - they can be styled in any way you'd like, and they last much longer than other types of hair extensions. The Cons may include the fact that these extensions require more care than other hair extensions - they stain easily, so it's essential to keep their hair free of styling products.
    If you're in search of extensions that can increase length, volume and Fuller hair, flat tip extensions are the best way to choose. These extensions are simple to put in and are suitable for dry hair as well as wet hair. However, be aware that they can be long-lasting and require a professional apply them properly. One last tip: talk to your hairdresser prior to purchasing extensions.
    How do you install flat tip extensions?
    • Make sure your hair remains clean and dry.
    • Use the
    flat tip extension and place it in the front of your hair, just behind your forehead.
    • Move your hair backwards so the extension is at the hair's root.
    • Secure the extension by wrapping your hands around the base of your hair. Use the other hand to hold on to the extension.
    • Find a qualified stylist who knows the proper way to install flat tip extensions.
    • Make sure that the stylist has the correct type of extension - a clear or flexible flat tip.
    • Be sure the extension is secured with a secure and uniform clip along the hair shaft.
    • Don't put extensions in places that could cause discomfort or damage.
    The benefits of flat tip extensions
    There are many benefits to making use of flat tip extensions. They can add length and volume to your hair as well as adding texture and color. They can be used to increase length or style your hair. Plus, with the variety of styles to pick from, you'll be able to get the look you want without having to make long-term hair styling changes. A few other advantages are listed below:
    • Extensions can add length, volume, or thickness of your hair.
    • They can also be used to add natural texture and body to your hair.
    • The extensions are easy to install and can be removed with no damage to the hair.
    • They are also safe and cost-effective.
    • They are also used to hide split ends, or to control frizz.
    • They are available in different shapes and sizes and shapes, so you will be able to find the perfect one for the hair style you prefer.
    • They don't require any prior knowledge or training and are very easy to make use of.
    • They also work well for people with thin hair as they don't add weight to your hair and they give an appearance that is sleeker.
    There are numerous ways to create flat tip extensions
    There's no right or wrong way to style these extensions - as long as you have the appropriate tools and methods at your disposal! To keep your extensions in place, apply strong hold hairspray before styling. Next you should dilute a light setting hair product with water to create a look that's natural and lightweight. Wrap the hair with a curling iron and create curls or waves. Then blow dry your extensions with a round brush instead of irons, in order to limit damage caused by heat.
    flat tip extension are fantastic for adding extra oomph to your style, so make use of these and style them how you like!
    Flat tip extensions for hair with short lengths
    It's not necessary to invest an enormous amount of money on hair extensions in order to give your hair some length and volume. Flat-tip extensions are the ideal solution for hair with short lengths. They're simple to use and can be removed easily, so they won't damage your hair. These extensions can also be used to create a faux hawky, beachy look without having to go for a full head. These extensions add length and volume without the requirement of extra product use, so you can save on costs in the long run. Why not give these extensions a try? It's a good choice!
    Flat tip extensions suitable for long hair
    They are essential when you're looking to add length and volume this autumn to your hair. Flat tip extensions are a great method to give length and volume your hair. They're easy to apply and can be worn with any fashion or for any event. They can be inserted flat tip into your hair and fix the tip with adhesive tape. The extensions will grow into your natural hair, giving it more thickness and body. They last for approximately two months, so do not overuse the extensions.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    The reason why you should pick them?
    In the world of hair extensions and extensions for hair, the flat-tip extensions are the most popular. The
    flat tip extension is the most popular type. They are made of human hair and are a shorter length than conventional extensions which makes them easier to wear. They're also more affordable than other types of extensions, making them a good choice for those with a tight budget.
    What is the best way to choose the most efficient flat tip extensions?
    There is no single solution to this query. You will need to take into account the type of hair you have, extensions length, and desired look. Certain hair extension experts suggest flat hair extensions because they are less likely to tangle and cause knots.
    How long are they expected to last?
    Flat tip extensions are able to last from six to twelve months, depending on how often you use them and how well you care for them. It is important to ensure that your hair is maintained and do not apply too much pressure or heat to create a style. Additionally, keep your extension in a cool place (below 70 degrees F) to prolong the life of your extension.
    What are the potential dangers from these extensions?
    There are many risks associated with these extensions which include electric shocks and burns, as well as cuts and lacerations. Injuries can occur when extension cords get frayed or when they become twisting around objects.
    What are the differences between flat tip extensions? Differ from traditional hair extensions?
    They differ from traditional hair extensions in that they have a flat point. This allows for natural-looking extensions. The traditional hair extensions are typically composed of a stiff material that can make the hair appear unnatural and stiff.
    Extensions with
    flat tip extension are often considered to be an alternative to conventional hair extensions since they provide less tension and are more manageable. Flat tip extensions can be attached directly to the hair, which means there is no need for sewing or weaving. Flexible design is also a reason why flat tip extensions tend to last longer.
    Traditional hair Extensions use wefts (thin strings of fabric) that are sewn between your scalp and extension unit. This technique results in increased temperatures that could damage your hair, causing uneven wear over the course of time. Traditional methods are more challenging and require more experience to avoid discomfort or damage.
    Flat tip extensions come in a variety of styles, including hairstyle pastes which can be put on prior to wearing them, clip-in systems that attach to your hairstyle with clips or pins, and full-length headsets with hooks that fit inside your hat or cap. This trendy accessory is sure to appeal to all!
    What are the ways that extensions can be employed to improve hair styling?
    Flat tip extensions are used to enhance hairstyle by increasing length, volume, and thickness. They can be attached using various methods such as clips or weaves. The source of information for information and figures regarding these extensions is hair stylists.
    How many extensions for flat tip are I looking for?
    It's not an easy question to answer because the number and kind of
    flat tip extension that you'll require will depend on the thickness of your hair and type. It is a good idea to purchase a couple of extra extensions than you think you'll need. If you encounter any issues with the extension after installation, or during the process it is possible to get the job done.
    To better serve your needs, schedule a consultation as soon as possible.
    What's the best way to care for the extensions you have?
    Flat tip extensions are able to make a fantastic addition to your hair, but they require frequent care. It is possible to take care of them by applying a heat protector and sealer to every hair. This will prevent tip from becoming dry and damaged, which may lead to breakage or even the loss of hair. It is also recommended to treat your extensions using oils or other gentle moisturizing products. These are the steps to ensure your hair stays beautiful and healthy!
    It is also recommended to condition your extensions with natural ingredients such as honey and coconut oil. These substances help retain moisture and help keep your extensions soft and shiny. Also, ensure that you take care of your flat tip extensions by staying clear of extreme oils, harsh chemicals and saltwater sprays as well as hot air styling tools when styling your hair extensions.
    Can you swim with these extensions?
    Although these extensions may sound attractive at first however, they're not advised for swimming. Flat tip extensions are designed to add length and volume to your hair. However, the extra weight could result in an uneven stroke which can result in injury. If your hair extensions are wet or submerged in water, they could get caught on objects, and then drag them down the bottom of the pool, causing injuries.
    You are able to swim using flat tip to style your hair. However, you have to ensure they're securely secured to ensure they don't get pulled off your head by swimmers. Be cautious when playing in the water.
    Thank you for reading! In this post, we've discussed the various types of
    flat tip extension and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. We've also shown how to style and place them on to create the desired appearance. We've also provided guidelines for extensions that are suitable for various lengths of hair. Whatever length of hair you've got there’s a flat-tip extension that will work for your needs.

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