Gear Customization.

I would like to put on my layers of armour separately for example; craft the padded gambeson, chainmail, leather, plate and place them overlapping on your body how armour actually works. I do not enjoy crafting plate armour from thick leather and iron and getting all of it ESPECIALLY when padded armour is so expensive in flax to cloth ratio to actually make.

Adding Badges, painted crests, banners, tabards, cloaks, capes and anything else that you can dye or put your crest on is extremely important to this game.

The more customization and freedom of choice the better this game will be.
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    Thursday, November 03 2016, 02:28 PM - #Permalink
    I Agree! It's read so often in all kinds of Posts! They should really have a focus on that theme and on gameimmersion trough more details!
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