Group / Guild claim on structures

Could you please change the claim system a little bit, so that it is not only possible to claim buildings like gates, houses, coops, warehouses etc. as personal claim to a single person, but also to have the ability to claim a structure as guild claim. That way all guild members would be able to use these structures.

In addition to that new feature and to prevent from griefing, it would be good to have the "Guild claim" option on structures only available within the monument range and that only members of this guild were allowed to use the ability.

Feature to add:

  • Add the ability to claim a structure as guild claim within the guilds monument range

Problems this change might help to solve:
This small feature would allow further improvement of the current problems with the "monument guild claim" mechanics like

  • Inability to allow non guild members of terraforming claimed terertory (like for using clay mines)
  • Inabality to use carts, chests etc. for non guild members for trading
  • PVP and raiding other villages is currentry useless, as you are not able to steal anything within the monument's claimed territory
  • Indestructable structures within monument claim radius by using siege weapons
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