Horse back fighting

Well I came up with this idea that I don't know how'll get into the eyes of the players.
Basicly mi idea is to be able to use small sheilds when couching the lance but you won't be able to use the big ones, only small kite shield and rounds one.
Another idea is making the lance dmg way more higher arround 100 dmg for each hit but with a big chance of breaking the lance so that means that a charge of cavarly will be way more painfull but after that lots of them will have to fight with sword or replace their lances again.
Of course this would look pretty op because you'll be thinking that they'll carry 10 lances and make 10 to 15 hits of 100 dmg but the point is that you won't be able to replace them if you're on horseback you'll have to dismount in case that you want to equip one again and once you get your lance on the hand and you're on horseback you're not able to put them on the back you've to put it on the backpack or hit and destroy it.
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    Monday, September 24 2018, 02:34 PM - #Permalink
    Well I would like to add that this idea is based that sometimes you hit only for 30 40 with a lance when it's the same dmg that as a vanguard the problem is that the vanguard is there hitting you 6 times in less than 30 seconds but the lancer is going to hit you only once in a while so with that is a huge strike but that at the end is not a big deal because he won't be able to do it again or if he does not as fast as a vanguard that's why I think making hits of 30 40 with a lance right now make's no sense it's to less dmg that you can deal it with a flachion and you've to make turns and is way harder to aim
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