Horse Breeding, with genetics

I think horse breeding could be made a thousand times better.

Taming horses:

- Quality is randomly assigned as it currently is but it has an impact on the horse; higher quality horses are better than lower quality horses (to be explained), and kind of like the new forging there is a max for wild horses, for the sake of explanation lets say q75. then to get higher than that you need to breed them. when you breed horses that have the max amount in each group you have q100 horses.

- That horse has stat points based off its quality, these stat points are randomly assigned to health stamina and speed (maybe strength or tow limit for work horses) each group has an independently set base level and maximum as well as likelihood of being slotted stats.
- so the max health can be different than max speed
- and there is less of a chance of speed getting points (IMO that would be for the best), for example: 48.5% chance stamina 48.5% chance health and 3% chance speed

Breeding horses:

- the favorable stat (highest among the parents) is not always passed on to the offspring.
- could also add cosmetic things like skin colors or mane colors that can be bred for aswell

- the genetics determine the stats they don't go up unless horses with new genetics come into the breeding pool.
I like the way ark did their breeding, it inspired my idea.

- adds a sense of mystery to the aspect of mounted combat: "can i catch them if they run?" "can they catch me if i run?"
- would make taming wild horses worthwhile and important
- reason to engage in trade

- might give an advantage to larger settlements or people who have more time to invest in breeding
- not sure how it would tie into horse training or heavy horse training
- people may not like the variability of the mounts
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    Sunday, February 12 2017, 09:09 AM - #Permalink
    The base horses would be about what they are now with like 15% more stamina and health and like 5% more speed as maximums which would be super rare to find in the wild
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