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Hi, the game looks great but traveling the world requires my left hand to press the W key for hours. would you please implement the autowalk feature. a G key will be good option for this (like "go") it should have some HUD indication that it is on. the capslock autorun shoudl work together with it.
There could be 2 stages - slow/stealth walk(crouched walk - during animals hunting could be apriciated) - activate by first pressing of the key, 2nd stage normal walk/run (depends on capslock state) - activated by second press of key. 3rd press of key will turn that off or pressing the "back move" key also turn that off instantly.

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Thursday, May 16 2019, 10:56 PM - #Permalink
now i see its already there. a combination of capslock numlock and R key is in general doing what i suggest. so close the thread. thx.
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    Monday, May 13 2019, 12:06 PM - #Permalink
    Another idea for slow/crouched walk - the slow walk could allow eting the same time as walking. the crouched walk could be bound to the hunting skill.
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