We have been asked in many polls to adjust the time and frequency of JHs.
With reduced populations on all servers, we noticed that it would be best to have longer JHs, on green worlds at least, so that we can accomplish more during it, as we only have one.

Having one JH gives everyone a chance to participate, by planning in advance.

Players that can't make it can plan prior to and put their pve crafting skills to work making the materials and gear needed for a successful JH.
Players that can make it, get to have better experience by being able to do more, and can manage their personal schedules to make it.
Players in between, that can't make it at an exact time, have a larger window to be able to perhaps partake in part of a JH.

Having multiple JHs throughout the week is detrimental, any gains made during one day, can be reversed the next, it can burn players and guilds out, and give all the advantages to much larger guilds that can field many different players at different times and across days, where small guilds can not do that at all and will give up and leave the game.

We like our green world single JH, we all just wish it were 2-3 hours long, so we can plan ahead for it.
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