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Many players are having difficulty with starvation. I believe the reason for this is that "farming" is much less efficient than natural hunting/gathering and food cannot be relocated.

I started a new game where the vast majority of my food production has been with gatherers huts, fishing huts and hunting lodges. I have had no starvation problems and my game is in season 22 with 100+ total population.
I have maybe 5-6 - 10X14 potato fields, 1 - 10X14 apple orchard and 1 - 10X14 wheat field.

I believe you have the following balance/game issues.

1) Food crops like potatoes are much less efficient than 3 gatherers. Why have a farmer if a guy in the woods is more productive?

2) Chickens are almost pointless. Eggs/meat produced vs the oats required to maintain them are way out of proportion. I haven't gotten to other livestock yet.

3) Fruit orchard yield are worse than vegetable crops and do not seem to produce every year. Doesn't make sense that you can pick fruit in the forest more efficiently than in an orchard.

4) Although I like the idea that 1 wheat becomes 4 flour, the bakery yields are the worst you have. Bread was the staple of feudal society and should be produced quickly.

5) Babies and children seem to consume as much food as a laboring adult.

6) Houses seem to store very small quantities of food and fuel. This means that villagers spend too much time traveling.

7) Harvests take too long. In real life, growing periods can be long but harvests are very quick. Harvests were "all hands on deck" times and every able bodied person was in the fields at harvest time. Maybe
you can add the ability to add harvesters from idle workers?

8) Food gets stuck on the map because it can't be relocated to empty barns or places where there are more non-food producing villagers (blacksmiths, tailors, kiln workers,...). Maybe you can make food relocation
an idle worker task or allow us to assign villagers to "work the barns".
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    Friday, September 09 2016, 12:13 AM - #Permalink
    Orchards particularly need a realistic balance. If maintained they will produce for decades without interruption.

    Being able to assign an excess number of workers to fields would be useful (and mimic real life harvest where everybody in town helped, even if it wasn't their usual sort of work).
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    Tuesday, February 18 2020, 07:15 AM - #Permalink
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