Map size, islands?

I love, love LOVE! this game.. only thing that bothers me is when I join a server most of the map is already built on or ruined.. so I ask.

Bigger map?

One thing I would love to see more than anything would be Islands implemented, like 3 to 5 islands standing from large to small and at quite a distance from each other, to the point this would leave an opening for more creative ideas such as maybe boats, docks, etc.

City by the sea:
*Light house

Added sea animals?:
*Seal - Hunted for pelts, their flesh, and their fat use for lamp fuel, cooking oil.
*Shark - Hunted for meat, bones and trophy's.
*Whale - Hunted for meat, fat for producing oil, whalebone (baleen) used to make better fishing rods etc.
*Sea Otter - Hunted for meat and hide.

I adore boats and more so boats in game, having the chance to use it for fishing or simply transport would add so much fun to the game, types that could be added:

*Fishing Boats - Trawler

I just feel that if there was to be islands it would give players a goal to work towards and it might also help with servers that might be running into the issue of a ruined map, this would spread players out more leaving more open land for newcomers.

Just an idea..
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    Monday, October 05 2015, 05:00 PM - #Permalink
    mmo map, mmo game, that we are all waiting for;;;;
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