More Furniture Options

It's been talked about many times before, but I would like to see some more furniture options implemented soon.

Just a few potential additions:

Some form of indoor hearth to sit around for decoration and/or cooking
If not a hearth/indoor fire, a form of oven that is in furniture form so it can go inside buildings.
Placeable dishes/food ( make homes and feasthalls more appealing and interactive)
More decorations: perhaps a placeable shield and/or weapons, so you can hang them on a wall like an animal head.
Tapestries, can't have medieval without tapestries! Perhaps even in the tailor's tree, give them another reason to exist. Like
the Bayeux Tapestry or any of the other great works as in inspiration, but in LiF form
Bookshelves: even if books and writing are not implemented yet, can still make some shelves full of books and scrolls to decorate and act as placeholders for the future. Perhaps even a bookstand with an open book on it with paints and brushes around it.

What are some other cool additions we'd like to see?
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