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More Helmets And Other Customizeation options

Your armour says a lot about you, weather you like to be light and fast- but can't take many hits, maybe you like to be heavy but protected, maybe you like a balance of both, maybe you don't care and you can take on the whole world without armour, but point being not only does armour tell people what style you use, but you use your armour to express yourself, so why is it that even though knights and soldiers used so many kinds of helmets and armours, there is only 3 variations of each armour, and they are separate tiers? i understand that the idea is that the lower tier stuff is not supposed to be as cool as tier 2 or 3, so i think we should have multiple variations of all the t2 and t3 armours and especially the helmets, for for example have more than one "half plate breastplate" but they all have the same stats, just not appearance. same for the other t2 and t3 sets. i have pics of armours and the like which i think would look great and fit as variations of existing in game armour, but i think also that we we should have variations of the tabards too, like surcoats or heraldric capes, or coats ect. i will make a suggestion thing on the actual forums, with the pictures and such, with the respected armour followed by the suggested variations.

Should we Have More Than One Cosmetic version of all t2 armors?(Same stats as whatever armour you are making, but new look))

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    Tuesday, August 01 2017, 07:00 PM - #Permalink
    This is exactly the kind of content we need just to spice this game up and give it life. A game like this needs more customization so that not only can we tell the difference between races, players and what not. But in order to define our characters, guilds and factions in unique ways. It just adds levels of immersion that will take this game from a 7.5 to a 10. Maybe even some options to hang flags around the castle would be nice. Like wall mounted heraldry flags, and even a banner item that we can carry into battle with us.
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