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mounted combat, armor and weapons

Hello every one i had some ideas and i'd like to share them with you so please tell me what you think !

1. Armor Mechanics- so basically what i want to suggest is that armor skill no longer determins the highest quality level of armor you can use, my idea is that the amount of damage mitigated depend only by the quality of your armor and not your skill level even if it is lower.
Armor skill level will determin only a) what kind of armor you can use (novice,regular heavy ecc..)
b) moving speed
c) action speed
d) stamina consumption rate
e) chance of evading negative modifiers (wounds, bleeds ecc..)

Right now whats happening is that low tier armors are absolute useless because if i have for example 30 scale armor skill, and i wear light scale armor, then i can only use it at 30% efficiency the mean light scale tunics piercing resistance 33% you only get a third of it- 11% reduction but still have the full movment penalty you really better of without armor if you have low skill level, but if you get the full armor value only that you will be slower and tire faster.

this will be aspecialy important in the mmorpg as the skill progression will be slow and the majority of people will be in the skill level of 30-70, this way they can still fight and be protected ! (and still be more effective than naked dudes)

2. Weapons mechanics- same thing with armor damage will be a determined by the quality of the weapon and strength of the player.
skill will give attacking speed combos and stamina consumption reduction.

3. mounted combat mechanics-
new features :
a) Lean mechanics
b)horse kick (automated)
c) higher lancing damage with high chance of breaking the lance.

so what cavalry in game lacks in real life right now is flexibility of movment, real life horse men are not limited to right swing left swing and the reach of the sword they can actually lean and strech they can even reach the ground with their swords !
so i would suggest a lean mechanic that will extend their reach beyond the actual length of the sword.
Right now a mounted knight is severly limited as he need to get really close the his target and thus exposing his horse to damage !
Implementing a lean mechanic will make mounted combat more effective but not easier to master, this will the give the knight the opportunity to protect his horse and put cavalry where is should be-a devastating force as an innfanty engaging the horse men will have a few choises, try to engange the knight from the side of the horse, try to kill the horse from the side, but be exposed to blows the knight, try to come from the front, with the risk of beeing trampled, or attack from behind with a chance to get a kick from the horse.

Lancing- increasing the damage done with lancing to armored targets, with a chance of breaking the lance in combat.

4. Training Fields- so i actually don't like the training system currently in the game, one guy stands there and another one just slaps him around.

I would suggest and arena or training field mechanic, a building that two or more people can get inside and fight to get their skills up the amount of skill gain will be calculated by
a) damage you have done to your opponent
b) amount of damage mitigated by your armor
c) number of people training together (encourages bigger fights and formation training)

And adding a scoreboard of wins,loses and damage done (just to get people to be more compttives so they wont stand there and take hits.)

We can build three types of these arenas a novice regular and masters, to train in the higher level of arena you have to have an expert or a master fighting skill.

A jousting grounds can be implemented for cavalry training with the same mechanics.

Thank you guys hope you like my ideas tell me what you think !
Sooooory for the broken english it slipped from my hands :oops:
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