pirates disaster - new game play element

A new disaster - pirates attack:
When a player enables disasters there should be pirates. What should be included with it:

- they should not spawn often and need a cooldown before it could get activated again
- a pirate ship should enter your island, capturing women and children and killing men
- it should be well balanced, so just take 2 children and 2 women and kill 2 men
- there should be a counter part strategy: build a watch tower / outpost / tarn building upgrades so pirates can't see them to loot
- build a shelter to hide your towns people with a maximum amount of people to keep inside
- shelter needs to be stocked with food, clothes
- shelter could be also used as tornado shelter
- arm your men with weapons to fight against them
- if you successfully fight them, you can capture their ship to use as expedition ship
- there should be treasure on the pirate ship like food, warm clothes, tools, pies, and gold
- another counter part strategy could be to pay them gold so they won't harm you - a kind of protection money you pay them
- if a villager is in watch tower you get a early warning to hide your villagers and tarn your buildings
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    Sunday, October 09 2016, 03:24 PM - #Permalink
    I forgot to mention:
    - this game mechanic should be balanced in dependence of the amount of people in the village
    - gold could be a new ressource to harvest in mines
    - gold could be used to trade in your harbour to buy food, clothes, wapons
    - trade wood / stone against gold
    - or just sell goods for gold
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    Wednesday, June 10 2020, 06:47 AM - #Permalink
    The pirates are attacking! I've experienced it. Thank you :) See my blog - Thomas Morris! Welcame!
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