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Remove Building maintain

It's illogical that some simple woodworking knowledge allows you to build a shack but you need to have profound knowledge of masonry to repair your shack.
This makes it impractical for e.g. a small low-tech farming community to maintain their wooden houses (and kilns) because they need a skilled stonemason just for repairs (or rebuild).

Suggestion: Make repair kits crafttable with construction and make the repairs part of the appropriate building skills, e.g. repairing a tiny shack would be sonstruction, repairing stone walls would be masonry.
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    Wednesday, April 19 2017, 04:14 PM - #Permalink
    I suggest some less skill-tree harmful solution:
    Make the repair kits usable with the lower skills:
    small kit-> construction, arts, carpentry
    med kit -> masonry
    large kit -> architecture
    Players still need to obtain the kits so it doesnt ruin the repairman profession
    Make the repair action available with the exact skill u needed to build the stuff. This way u can always repair what u have built*

    *Exceptions + tears
    Make the crafting tools (movable objects) and craft-buildings (unmovable) only repairable by the skilled repairman.
    Repairing without the "building maintenance" skill should downgrade the quality (max hp) to the average between current and repairing person skill

    This way:
    - ppl can easy maintain their village non-strategical stuff
    - ppl can easy avoid rebuilding of the kilns, forges etc, but cannot keep the quality on higher level than the one they could rebuild.
    - ppl are forced to hire repairmen to maintain the high-quality crafting stations

    Reasons to be:
    - repairing is not equal to constructing, u need extra knowledge to fix the working mechanism or wall structure without breaking the surrounding stuff or any inner dependencies. Nowadays we live in modularised world with almost everything made of subparts that are easy to replace but the game life is ... feudal?

    How about things can only be repaired by the person able to build/craft it? I wont allow the mason to repair my jewelry tools :D
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    Thursday, May 11 2017, 03:30 PM - #Permalink
    hmm, ... no, the repair kits should be available only for skilled repairman, as it is now, otherwise it would ruin the profession. But I see what you are getting at. As much as I like the graphics of the burning buildings I do agree that there is something wrong with the settings if most of the villages are on fire. ....how about; the less "expensive/sophisticated" the structure the longer it can stand without need of maintenance ?
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    Friday, March 15 2019, 11:13 AM - #Permalink
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