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ships, ports, commerce and pirates

The power to make ships, ports and establish maritime trade routes would revitalize the trade, in turn create a new type of players, pirates and maritime wars would also give a plus
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    Saturday, June 08 2019, 08:26 PM - #Permalink
    Sounds like something that would be great
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    Tuesday, July 30 2019, 07:35 PM - #Permalink
    I think this idea needs to be expanded on. I also feel this is a great idea, if done properly. Firstly, on newbie island there are viking ships (long boats) everywhere, but after that ships apparently pop out of existence. There should be various types of maritime vehicles ranging from smaller solo rowboats or canoes up to a viking long boat. My idea with a viking longboat is that it HAS TO BE a ship that can only be used by a group of 6+ players at once. If you think about it from a "realistic" standpoint, longboats required huge crews to man, row, and maintain. This should carry of into LiF:MMO. If your guild builds a ship you need to be capable of doing routine maintenance on it as well as have a skilled crew to man it. The ships themselves should have sizable inventory space for food and supplies during long voyages. Guilds should also have the ability to construct a port or harbor where trading, fishing can be done. Maybe something else to consider is being able to fish for larger seaborne animals using a larger boat (just a side thought). Small boats should also have a small inventory on them to encourage fledgling adventurers to wander out , adventure into the unknown while having the means to return with more than their backpack full of meat or animal skins. Maybe even making a canoe or basic raft a 2 seater would be interesting, just make the craft a bit more challenging to build but reward smaller groups of people by letting them use them together. Could be a great tool for hunting parties. If large seafaring ships do become a thing you would have to develop a way for the combat to work fluidly by allowing players to beach their ships to invade lands or fight a battle on the shores. Ship to ship combat would have to be possible, where all the players on a ship can stand and fire allows or move around, jump to another ship and fight hand to hand against enemies. Its doesnt necessarily have to be pretty, but the functionality has to be there. This would fail miserably if ships worked like horse carts where your player is just either glued to the cart seat or not on the cart at all. Players should have the ability to freely walk around the inside of the ship, choose which seat/oar they want to use or not. Standing idly inside the ship while it is being rowed by other players should be possible. I might have missed some ideas, but anyone else please feel free to expand on this or give us your thoughts on the matter. I just really hope they do implement some type of water craft into this game. It just really needs it. The world feels awkwardly wrong without boats in it, especially since there is so much water.
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