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Survial evolved!

I have played this game for over 40 hours, its very fun to play and watch everything you set up running as you expected. I just feel might be good to add more late-game content that can regenerate gameplay itself. Eg, large amount of ppl produce environmental issue, food chain linkage and effects.....

More importantly on the evolve part, since the game doesn't want any fight, we can have the village evolved into town- city, and a family tree that rule it or government with all kind of ethic, trade between different village, make a territory, but no fight, we are all peaceful ppl lol.

And evolve part of buildings, we can have higher tech building in MEDIVAL ERA! I'm not saying anything higher tech than medival era, we got plenty of building models in history, can just make some and give better, different stats.

Evolving villager! so we can give some RPG elements to every villager! players can choose how to grow their villager base on SPEC/Attributes/ability and even personal likeness which based on the original family tree, the family tree can be affected by many ways...... more to say but just stop now
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    Sunday, May 28 2017, 04:56 AM - #Permalink
    They suggested there might be Viking raids in the future so I certainly believe that they will be expanding on the late game quite a bit, however I don't think that the evolving villager is likely, at least not as in depth as a RPG game such as Skyrim. I think if they did implement it it would be something closer to Virtual Villagers (http://www.virtualvillagers.com)

    Maybe something along the lines of apprenticeships and experience. The more someone works in a certain area, the more skilled they are in that area, and the more skilled they are the more skilled any apprentice they take under their wing would be. Although attempting to sort through a few hundred villagers to figure out which ones are skilled in which areas might be a bit painstaking. I'm thinking maybe that should be done in the background, you just select who you want where, and it automatically assigns jobs to the most skilled person. You want an apprentice and then you just select what field they will be in, and they shadow the person currently assigned to the job.
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    Friday, June 02 2017, 04:34 AM - #Permalink
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