Tabs for Warehouses

With the upcoming emphasis on warehouse usage (because carts and containers will be lootable on red worlds) I think it's important to add a feature to help us organize warehouse contents: tabs.

Warehouses could have, say, 4 tabs. They can be named.
Each tab shares total warehouse space. They are purely for helping organize.

Ideally this needs to be a serverside feature (not a client mod) because if I create a tab called "Chainmail" and put all the chain armor in there then my guild should see the same thing.

Programmatically this should be pretty simple: warehouse items get a new field to state which tab they are in (0-3, with 0 being default) and tab selection simply hides whatever is not in that tab.

Bonus points: Number of tabs is configurable.
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    Tuesday, June 19 2018, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
    If they dont wanna raise the pressure on the servers they could just add a sorting option on the client side that sorts different types of items/materials aso into different tabs automaticly when opened. If they add that and make the quality feature from the inventory mod that is used by almost everyone, i think they might remove the need for alot of ppl to use those external mods aswell. :)
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