Variety & Reality

Hello, my suggestions:

-add more variety in buildings like more house types and dimensions and new buildings like winery, dock, sawmill...
-allow building of stone fences in up/down leveled terrain
-add new types of gates like iron gate (2 or 3 tiles wide) and iron fence
-add boats
-add new animals like milk-giving goats, foxes, and/or add regional typical animals like camels in desert zones or white foxes in snowy zones
-add new tree types like chestnut tree and olive tree and add producing oil with nuts/olives, oil used in cooking recipes and tanning
-add new cooking recipes and balance actuals
-add new craftable clothes sets for more skill types
-and please remove outposts or balance them in game, a 3x3 private land has coins daily maintenaince while a round private land of 13 tiles diameter giving resources is full free... it is quite "eccentric" but just look at Epleland map.

Thank you

Bertuccio da Lantignano
Contea di Valmotosa
Epleland, server 41
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    Saturday, September 29 2018, 04:12 PM - #Permalink
    Outpost are the only way at this point to not have to spend 14 hours per day in-game. Either they bring the grind down or they should add more outposts. not in favour of the last one, but its about the only option.
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    Tuesday, May 12 2020, 04:46 AM - #Permalink
    add new craftable clothes sets for more skill types.
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