Voice Chat built into game; with proximity mechanics.

The request is simple, its quality of life, and its a necessity in my opinion. What am I talking about? If you are familiar with Arma and its multiplayer, most units use T.F.A.R. (Task Force Arrowhead Radio) this mod and plugin which works together with team speak add in a few notable mechanics. The mechanics I wish to see implemented or even built upon are the proximity based volumes; you are right next to me? I am normal volume. you are across the street or on the ground while I am on the wall you are 75% or 50% volume. you are further than that you get the 25% and i just cannot hear you modifiers. Simple right? Immersive? Yes, this brings us to the next feature I would love to see and this one works with the last perfectly. This is your speaking volumes, you have the option to change between three different speaking modes Whispering, Normal, and Yelling. each increases or decreases the radius at which the distance modifiers take effect. IE; (disclaimer these are not actual numbers nor the numbers i'm suggesting just simple numbers to assist with picturing this system) Whispering you have a 10 meter radius at which to be heard, Normal you have a 30 meter radius, and yelling you have a 100 meter radius. Now also remember these have distance volume modifiers within so if you are at the edge of the radius you will be quiet. Lastly the final feature to add the cherry on top is voice detection linked with mouth movements, you speak? your character's lips move. These are the only feature that make sense in the LiF world and it would add a lot of great game play, imagine travelling and seeing someone getting attacked by a bear and you yell, "you need help with that?" and then turn to your guild mate and whisper, "let's just let the bear kill him and loot his stuff". It's a Role-Player's dream. it adds the ability to plot and negotiate with attackers and defenders, and all the while adding immersion. These features belong in a game like this, it would be a major loss for the community if they did not have this. It would add so many countless hours of fun, all the while making communication easier. Not to mention if you have a large guild not all having to either talk over each other in voice or have separate channels, the soldiers stay on whisper and switch to yell to relay important info all the while not everyone's ears will be destroyed, and the command stays on yelling or maybe even normal to give orders out to his ranks. It affects the 3 cardinal areas of this game, combat, crafting, and survival; no other system of integrated voice would do this game justice. Anyways enough ranting on how much I believe this feature is good here is some info on the mod this suggestion is based on. Just to be clear I DO NOT WANT TO RIP OFF OR TAKE AWAY FROM THIS MOD, simply put this is a great idea the T.F.A.R. Mod Dev. team had; This is just something fitting for this game and will most definitely add to this game in more ways than just adding integrated voice.



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