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Here are my ideas to have a new gameplay element - garbage disposal and water requirement for villagers

viallagers should gather water from wells and take them to their houses
- water is automatically used by villagers like food
- they need water to drink
- they can die, if running out of water, so not just dying when out of food
- wells will get a much more important function
- wells should be better balanced, so water is generated at a lower rate
- you can upgrade wells to a fountain, and a villager can be assigned to increase the water output
- villagers bring water from the well to the barn
- if a villager has a low water level he will be slower, get sick and die at the end
- in winter water could freeze if no coals / wood are in the house, so you need to ensure the house is always warm
- directly after water consumption viallagers work 15% faster and walk 15% faster - cumulates with using the horn and slows down with time

- water should be also required for sewage / cleaning houses
- from time to time villagers needs to clean their house (for example in spring or over time)
- if they don't tidy up, they could get ill - deseases break out like the black plague
- you need a building to get rid of waste like a canalisation
- a villager works their and produces a fertilizer out of the waste, which could be used at fields or in the garden to boost grow rate for example by 25%-40%
- it should be a own profession so he gathers waste from every house consuming water
- if he/she is not fast enough there could spawn rats eating up the food and contaminizing water in the house making villagers sick
- rats could also "attack" your barn if it's getting worse so the waste cleanup person fights against them (with a shovel for example) until he resolves the situation
- every villager should produce waste

This feature adds a new gameplay element and could increase complexity and add more depth. It must be well balanced, so it won't get too hard, and
should be "unlocked" only after you have a certain number of viallagers.
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    Monday, November 21 2016, 09:01 PM - #Permalink
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    Thursday, December 08 2016, 06:48 AM - #Permalink
    Given the theoretical period the utter lack of sanitation and cleanliness is accurate and as such I don't particularly want to see it changed as part of the base game (if someone eventually wants to mod it, great!). However the lack of need for water has always been a bit mystifying and I'd be happy to see that oversight fixed. The amount of time needed to fetch water when you don't have plumbing is huge and I wish the game would reflect that.
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    Monday, March 06 2017, 02:55 PM - #Permalink
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