Add Wheelbarrows

You should add a wheelbarrow to the game.

* They'd be crafted by Carpenters (giving them something to do when their primitive tools are no longer as necessary)
* They'd double or triple a general laborer's hauling capacity.
* Ideally they could be used in gathering resources AND in stocking homes.
* They would look cool in-game.
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    Thursday, June 22 2017, 06:32 PM - #Permalink
    That would indeed give Carpenters some self respect rather that always getting looked down by their castle_smithy peers . ;)

    I don't feel Carpenter is worthwhile right now. I usually go straight for clay mine->market(and a school)->caravan stable to start trading hides, wool and vegetable for tools,warm cloth,stone and pies for expedition.
    The market and weird trade values make a lot of buildings not necessary. Its like a cheat. And you are able to get rid of all those extra hides and wool.
    Seriously, exchanging 6 wool for instant warm clothing is way better than getting to manufacture it.

    Wheelbarrow could be like a tool which specifically increase the carry weight from current 20 to 80/100.
    Would fix quite a lot of things like unable to harvest all fruits, getting half your builders die of hypothermia while making a keep,etc.
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    Friday, June 23 2017, 01:22 AM - #Permalink
    Thanks for your comment. Be sure and vote the suggestion up if you like it. That's the square box on the right side of my post which currently says zero
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