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Barn - warehouse request.

i have an idea to simplify managing food and materials, and other resources.

what i am suggesting is, warehouses that i can choose how much and what gets stored in. now its just annoying when its full of one item and i can't get more of another in. i want to choose what, and how much gets stored. in every barn and place of storage.

to add to this maybe small storage sheds or little shops that ´give away´ these resources, maybe a central market idea. but let's just start of with small storage sheds.;)

hope it gets updated in the near future. :)
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    Thursday, July 06 2017, 03:01 AM - #Permalink
    There is already a mechanic to stop villagers from just grabbing the nearest meat or fruit that you are saving for pies, what is really needed is the total control and limiting of depositing into a warehouse or barn.

    Being able to control if a warehouse behaves like normal or accept a variable amount of any good is needed. You could have it go from -1 to whatever you set it to as the max.

    At -1 it would be uncapped for that good like it is now.
    At 0 or higher once the good reaches that point the game would treat the building as being full for that good.

    One of the ways I can see it being used is for the baker. Put a barn right next to it with meat, flour and meat pies limit set to 200. Donkeys would keep making deliveries of meat and flour to their limit, the baker would grab the ingredients, make the pie and drop it off right back in the barn to be shipped back out.

    As long as you didn't set any goods to be uncapped you could always count on that barn not being overwhelmed with any 1 or 2 goods that flour, meat or the just made pies wouldn't fit.

    With this you could setup supply depots just outside your village without overwhelming the barns and warehouses closer inside. A forester could drop off wood at the local warehouse where it would be shipped to the depot. Once there it would sit waiting on another warehouse to drop below the user set cap at another warehouse connected by the donkeys and then be sent to refill it.
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