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Combat Training Overhaul

I don't know if overhaul is the correct word for it, but along the lines of the gathering change, I have also always felt that combat training is extremely monotonous and slow and encourages the use of macros and/or afk training.

You may already be working on this, but could you add some life to the combat training and leveling system please?

I agree this is a long term game, and a skilled warrior should not come overnight or be available to all... It should remain a chosen profession just like the other skill sets so that not every farmer can suddenly put on plate armor and defeat a professional soldier.

But perhaps some animation or combo changes that encourage more hands on interaction while training our combat skills; something that makes you WANT to train. Or perhaps more variation in experience gained based on hit location or speed; something that makes you need to actually move around and vary attack locations on a dummy or sparring partner to gain more experience..

Same with ranged weapons, perhaps using the next tier of slinger or archery weapons providing a noticeable increase in skill, or making ammo recovery more attainable early on, so that you don't need to produce 1,000 javelins, you can pick them back up and throw them again without needing really high weapon maintenance skill?

Lastly, without making it impossible and depressing to players (like me) who can't be on all day every day, perhaps making combat skills slightly easier to level up, but at the same time, degradeable over time if not maintained?

A warrior would not train one time and retain all his skills and reflexes the rest of his life- So too, a player should not have to grind away slowly to gain a combat skill and then never train with it again. Perhaps being able to train and learn a weapon set a little easier, but need to spend a little time each week or whatever practicing to keep what you learn would be a happy medium? It would make training a part of life for the professional soldier in game, but not the current version of afk grinding and math equations of 'how many slinger stones and slings x quality x minutes afk with my macro' that seems to be developing among us as everyone tries to work with the current system ;)

Just a few longwinded ideas... Maybe some others can polish them out and add better ones?
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