1) Allow clicking on the Idle-Villager icon in the Overview Window. Treating this like clicking on the Solid Greater than in the Professions window would simplify finding these people.
2) Same but for Starving People
3) Add a Freezing Villager icon & an Ill Villager icon to this overview that work the same way

4) Add a button Next to the "Greater than" button that allows us to click through buildings for a given profession. e.g. The current button allows me to locate all my hunters. The button I'm proposing would allow me to locate all my hunting lodges. This MIGHT be something supported in the Accountant's house if you wish to conform to the "other game" that's already cited as being "too similar."
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    Tuesday, October 24 2017, 09:03 AM - #Permalink
    Hear hear!
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