Draft Horse

Since we now have a courier horse and a warhorse. I think having a draft horse would be nice to have. It could be used to better pull carts over terrain and go uphill better. Think ATV horse with 4 wheel drive. Of course it won't be as fast but maybe have good stamina. I think it will also allow for other items to be developed as well. Like a Horse carriage that can hold x amount of players, a plow that requires a draft horse and can plow faster, even a larger horse cart that can carry more items. Maybe make it where you can use two draft horses for faster speed or bigger loads.
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    Monday, May 21 2018, 02:29 PM - #Permalink
    I like it! Perhaps also an additional crafting item as well, a millstone powered by the draft horse: would give an item between the super simple quern stone and the giant windmill. would be pretty awesome to see a village with a horse turned mill stone...

    I really like the concept of more varied and specialized horse breeds, that could add some more value and fun to the horse training skill and to the game in general.
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