Expanding and Retaining the Player Base

I would like to make a few suggestions in order to help achieve the above named goal. First, power hours. Do away with them completely. It makes the game feel more like WORK, especially if you have multiple characters. Instead, just add a straight 20% boost (or whatever you think would be appropriate) to skilling up when you're a subscriber. Second, the subscription fee itself. $20 a month is steep for a game subscription. You would probably find 5x the people willing to pay $10 a month than are willing to spend $20 a month. More people, more money! Finally, same goes for your skins. Waaaay to expensive! If needed, you could even add 'uses' or time limits to the skin pack. Of course, the 'uses' idea only works if you can make an item permanently skinned. Use one of these methods, and reduce your skin costs by at least 75%, and you'll have people buying them left and right to enjoy customizing their player looks. I have money, lots of it. But I didn't get it by spending $30+ dollars on a pixel hat! That's all for now. Thanks for listening!
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