Improve Guild,Feudal System on YO

I would like a better guild system with hierarcy and titles with buffs like piety skill. Life is Feudal monument system need items to increase guild influence instead what about annex player?!; a system where a player subdues to a feoffee , more player more influence .
Then why not a diplomatic screen or map to declare war ,sige istance, trade agreement,taxation of vassals ,defensive pact and creation of vassals with oaths and titles(like descripted before).
I would like that those kind of agreement have to be delivered by ambassadors and in a possible diplomatic map u only see the guild you met and in the part of island you or your member watched with their eyes and open diplomatic channel directly with a member of other guilds.
I wuold like this feature in Life is feudal Yor Own, seems to like that without those not be so "feudal".
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