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Monuments with Fewer People

Please make it to where you can start a monument and claim land with at least 2 people instead of 5. I know some who just want their own place to do building and stuff with out interference from other people messing up what they might have planed. I know that in the old days you would have homesteads with maybe just 1 or 2 people depending on if they were family that settled the are together or married with no kids, or even just single men starting a farm so they had something to offer a wife. I think it would be okay to make monuments with less than 5 people, especially if we are trying for a "real" feel to the game. Yes there are complications with this since the person would have to do everything themselves but this may actually be good for an economy as well. I just think this should also be an option for people who want to make a monument. I myself am playing the beta but most of my friends don't want to play early beta until they can tell how the game will be, so it makes it hard for me to try out all the features I would like to do since I can't claim any land with a monument until they start playing during actual release. Heck if anything make it to where those who paid for and play early beta (or any Beta) can make monuments regardless of how many people they have in their clan. I know I am not the only one faced with this scenario and who finds it frustrating that they can't enjoy the whole game because they don't have 5 people for a monument.
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    Tuesday, February 21 2017, 05:10 PM - #Permalink
    Is this for the MMO because you don't need 5 people in life yo to build a monument in fact only one can build it and you can't even become a clan or guild until after it's up and you as the owner start inviting.
    Your monument is under Authority.
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    Saturday, May 23 2020, 12:28 PM - #Permalink
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