new skills for healing. Auto Suture and splint

when you get hurt, sometimes you need someone to help him, but with new equipment we can use as if someone tivese used the skill.
= suture with a needle and thread flax, u can sew wounds to heal up.
u need: a needle made of 3 nuggets communi, and 3 skeins of linen.

= splints when u break a bone, a splint may help him to quickly recover
u need: 2 boards, 3 and linen cloths.

as curing items, they can be used by the player self alone.

( I'm sorry for my english )
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    New skills are introduced for the healing for all ideal paths for the future times. It is portrayed for the flow of the reviews for all vital paths for the field. The communication is done for the reforms for the humans in the ambit of the terms for the citizens.
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