NPC Shops

This is an often mentioned thing.
And one I really think we need.

NPC Shops which Sell Ressources and Basic Equipment.
Of course NPC Shops would Sell Ressources at Quality 30, 60 and 90 with Increasing Prices and never at 100
And would Sell Items and Equipment at Quality 30 and 60 not higher than that. As well as only Selling Midtier Equipment. So Regular Armor but not Heavy Armor for example.

Why ?
Because currently. Money has no Value in this Game.
The Currency in Life is Feudal has become so Hyperinflated. That Copper Coins could just as well not Exist. And even Silver Coins are basicly just Pennys created by Taxes.
Because Gold is basicly the Minimum Price even for Standard Items.
And anything of real Value wont be Sold at all.

This is not Surprising.
Because currently. Money is barely a Ressource Required in small amounts for Maintenance.

Money can be Produced endlessly by Selling to the Crown.
So getting enough Money for Mainteance is pretty easy.

But aside from that. Why would anyone want Money.
At this Point your basicly able to Produce everything yourself.
So you dont really need to Buy anything.
Which also means you dont need any more Money than what you get from the Crown and thus not selling anything either.

What Gives Money Value.
Is the Promise that you can Buy Goods with it.
But as you cant Buy Goods with it.
Currency in Life is Feudal is currently more like Coal.
Sure you need it for Smelting. But you can get enough of that yourself. And you dont really need Large Surplus of it because there is in fact other far more Valuable things you can Offer in a Trade to get things you want from others.

And here NPC Shops come around.

Because NPC Shops will Guarantee a certain Value of Money.
Because Money will in Fact be Guaranteed to enable you to Buy certain Ressources that you dont need to Gather this way. Or which might even be Scarce in your Region.
It would Limit the Hyperinflation because the NPCs would have a Price Range where they Buy certain Items and where they Sell them.

And when Money Starts having Value. As you will be Guaranteed to be able to Buy something you can use.
Selling Surplus Goods and Items that others might want in Exchange for Money. Will actually become something People will do. Because this Item not having much worth to them. Might Cash in some Money which can be Exchanged for some Item they are able to use.
And not just by any Chance in 10 years when another Player decides to actually Sell something useful.
But as a Guaranteed thing Sold by an NPC Shop at a Certain Price which is surely Higher than if Buying from Players but which is Guaranteed to be there to offer it.

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