PVE and PVP in harmony

Why separates PVE from PVP can make them live together?

PVE and PVP can live together, I do not think there is a need to separate them because with the current mechanics you can make the same world different players enjoy their favorite game mode.

My suggestion to change, improve, contribute or open new ideas and debates is the following:


This is the key idea, which consists of the dividing line of the PVP against the PVE, and it would consist in that when a guild declares war on another guild, a request for war is launched, which can be answered in two ways:
1.-Answer that if you accept the war, which will give the step to that both guilds have total PVP (total destruction of guild included),
2.-Answer no, -aqui would open a debate of two other options-
2.1-There will be a time of one or two weeks (real time), so that the receiving guild can prepare.
2.2-No war will be entered so the PVP is discarded (to avoid abuse), but there is some kind of grievance with the guild that launched the war request.

(contributions are appreciated).


Peace can only be achieved if both parties agree, and to avoid abuse, once this is agreed, it will not be possible to declare war again for a period of time, in the case of breaking the agreement, the offending guild I should have some kind of penalty.

(contributions are appreciated).
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