Suggestion - Tree Log Pile

It would be nice to add a 'Tree Log Pile' construction in the game, where you can carry tree logs into. Just like 'put in cart' ability, where you carry a log, and then place in there, instead of using lot of time to stack.

Suggestions could be different sizes:

Small log pile: use 1 tile and can carry 15 logs
Medium log pile: uses 2 tiles and can carry: 40
Large log pile: uses 4 tiles and can carry: 200

It could also be implemented into the sawmill, that you guys had in mind previously. So that you can stack tree logs into the sawmill that can contain 200-500 logs.
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    Saturday, July 27 2019, 04:35 AM - #Permalink
    i can stack 40 logs on one tile now. while i like your idea, your chord size is pretty small
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