The work on fields is boring, work in mine is boring and smelting is boring. We need relax. And what is the best way to relax ?
Yes, It is Tavern or Brothel. Can you imagine how could you spend time better than drink alcohol ? We were working all day and now It is time to throw away your stuffs and rest in tavern. We want it. You were in difficult PvP match and now You want go somewhere with friends.
Now if you want do nothing you will stand in the castle or jumping around and talk with friends. This is bad!
Did you see funny moments in strips clubs in GTA. It is big funny. Get drunk for example.
And what can you do in tavern you would drink alcohol, play dice, chess and cards for money, get upstairs with woman, or sit idly and look at others.
Trust me. This could be funny.

Give me your opinions.

See you later.
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