What Happed to Common Metals?

I am not sure when or hell even why, but it seems common metals have been changed drastically. Copper one of the most common, easiest to find. FIRST ORE TO BE ABLE TO SEARCH FOR WITH THE MINING SKILL, is now useless besides making cooking pots and distillers and Vostaskus. I remember rejoicing when i saw a copper mine near my base. Now i just curse at it and go mine somewhere else. Yet Steel, (2 iron ingot 12 flux to make) and what the Vostaskus metal is as well a common metal.

So I guess ranting aside Make Copper a common metal again, at lest in LiF: Your Own. And why was it changed?
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    Monday, April 09 2018, 08:34 PM - #Permalink
    Common metals is iron, steel or vostascus. Iron has a 60q max, steel a 80q and vostascus 100q cap limit on forged tools/weapons/armour.
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