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If the player had the ability to develop personal relationships with their villagers, the game would become much more personal and immersive.

For example,

*The ability to name each born child would be really cool (also have the ability to have names be randomly generated so you don't HAVE to name every born child).*
-maybe even just the option to rename villagers would be enough?

*Show relationship status of selected villager - and with who*
-married, single, partner, etc.

*family trees*
-be able to view a family tree of the selected villager.
-This would allow a player to follow maybe their favorite villager lineage throughout their game save thus adding to the personal engagement of a player.

*Allow to decide who a villager marries, has kids with, etc.*
-Player wouldn't have to do this with everyone, but just had to chance to make it happen if they wanted to.

*Assign Profession to Specific Villager*
-This lets the player choose which villager's do what in the community.

*Each villager has "talents"*
-if a villager came from a lineage of Hunters, he would have a hunter badge or natural talent which would push the player to want to assign this villager to the profession of a hunter.
-obviously maybe a few villagers here and there would be born or even develop the natural talents during childhood that would bring them to a profession or even break them away from a profession.
+example: the last 4 generations of this new villagers' family were all hunters, but he had been born with the natural talent of Carpentry, hunter would still be passed on from him, but so would the carpentry profession.+

For me, it really just comes down to the details of my village that develops that personal connection to the game. I feel like adding these features would strengthen those attachments to each and every save. Obviously once your village becomes quite large, it would become a hassle to do EVERY one of these tasks, so an automation setting, I feel, would address that.

I would love to hear what you guys think, and if you have more to add, or some to take away even, lets hear it!
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    Wednesday, October 25 2017, 02:18 PM - #Permalink
    "Assign Profession to Sepcific Villager"

    This would be amazing! Also If you could assign Houses to persons.
    But at first I'm happy with assigned professions!
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