Grass should grow back on leveled soil

I like to design my villages so that they are pretty, as well as functional. The biggest issue that I have is that Stone fences can not be built on tiles with pavement, which means that the pavement of your roads and courtyards can not run into the wall, instead there must be a strip of dirt before the wall. To combat this, I added a second parallel fence on the same tile, so that the pavement runs into the wall. In between the two walls, you can place trees. But...grass will never grow back. If there were grass in the center with the trees, it would look like a pretty garden. Instead it looks like a hollowed brown mess. There are plenty of other circumstances where one may wish for the grass to grow back over placed dirt or leveled dirt, and I think they game should allow this sort of mechanic. Landscaping can be a big part of settlement design.
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