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More Value Needed (In Game Store)

Let me just start off by saying I really enjoy the game. I have been playing it for some time now, I have found a really great group to play with and will play the game with them as long as they would have me. And I want nothing more than the makers of the game to make money and be prosperous so they can make more great content so I can keep playing the game.

But lets talk value and do I feel like I am getting value from things I buy. Because if I don't feel like something is valued correctly I am not going to buy it. And I am sure there is a good bit of people that feel the same way.

So lets start with the founder pack that I purchased. I god the middle pack and my expectation was that I would get the two newbie sets, Two tickets to the game, 10,800 gods favor, 2 months premium subscription, and a few hours early access. So from that what did I find value in and what didn't I. The two newbie tool sets and the tickets ended up being the things of value in the pack. The newbie tool sets are great for getting you started. And the tickets, of course, are needed so it was nice to have them. When I purchased it I thought the gods favor sounded like a lot, come to find out that amount gets you almost nothing. So the gods favor was a let down. The early access ended up being pretty useless as well. I wasn't able to play much at all with the head start and what time I did get to play was mostly just full of frustration trying to get it to work. So really what I got for the $70 was the new newbie, the two tickets to the main land, and the two months of subscription. To me it ended up feeling underwhelming.

So lets look at the new packs they have now. For $100 you get 20000 gods favor which can get you a couple of extra newbie tool sets, or death insurances, or if you look hard you might find a single peace of skin that you like that is under that, but don't hold your breath. You also will get 90 days of premium subscription and three tickets to the main land. As well as a weapon skin, a hat skin, and a royal armor skin. The weapon and the hat skin are nice, the royal armor set skin seems a bit far fetched for a new player but I mean it is nice. but again, for $100 I wouldn't personally feel like I am getting much at all.

Lets talk the monthly subscription box. So for $20 a month lets see what you get. Lets start with the positive. You get power hour once per day. This is really nice to start off with. Although I can say that now I don't use it nearly as much as I did. Most of my skills are near where I want them so the power hour has gotten less valuable as time goes on. The same kinda goes with the death insurance, it is nice, but as my alignment goes up it seems less valuable to me. With the monthly subscription you get free storage size increase in the trading post as well as up to 150 cells of land for private claiming. Do these even work? For me I have yet to figure out how to actually acquire these and none of my guildies seem to know either. So these are both nothings for me. Then you get what I feel like is a kick in the groin, the one random armor skin unlock and random weapon skin unlock. When I first read the monthly subscription these are what really made it worth it for me. I love skins and the idea of getting a set unlocked each month seems worth it. But then when I actually got there I realized that no, the skins only unlock for that month, and then you get a new random unlock the next month. So for me, I want no part in that. Nothing in the monthly subscription seems worth $5 a month much less $20 a month. Though I would love to hear other peoples opinions on it.

And also, while we are on prices and value. Can we talk about the prices of skins in the shop. There are a few sets that they are wanting $200 for. In what world is that value? And most of these random ugly hat and shoe skins are $20 by themselves, and any set you want will run you at best $60 and at most over $200. I think the pricing of their stuff really needs a second pass through.

Like I said, I like playing the game with my friends. But at these prices I would not buy anything.
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    Wednesday, January 03 2018, 06:24 PM - #Permalink
    The TP space is auto added on subscription, you don't have to do anything, Without the subscription is is 100 stones with the subscription it is 1000
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