API and SSO for Guild Management

Hey mates,

Pulling from essentially what Eve online has, it would be nice to have an SSO that players log in via LIF's website and returns with verification, useful things to also pull from this system would be skills, ranks, personal claim size and location, etc.

At the guild level it would be nice to show the size of claim, location, potentially even the elevation and what is built on top of each guild claim tile, which would help immensely with planning.

As the game is still in open beta there probably isn't going to be tons of features this could bring forth but if the system was to be built soon early on, then down the road when more features are released that could be used in this system they just add them on.

Its not going to be "instant gratification" for players with new stuff being dropped in their lap, but it can and probably will eventually be incredibly useful for everyone from small groups to extremely large groups.
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    Tuesday, July 25 2017, 05:56 AM - #Permalink
    What a visionary love this dude!
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    Wednesday, July 26 2017, 09:36 PM - #Permalink
    Great idea, we need the most information and the maximum amount of customization content for guilds.
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