buy livestock !

Hello everyone,
at the moment we can sell the cattle that hunters tame in commercial positions, but nobody can buy them for a simple reason: there is no corresponding category in the search for goods.

Is it a simple oversight or an explicit choice?

However, it would be useful to start the cattle trade, hunters with no stable or barn could use the fruits of their apprenticeship trainer, the breeders looking for good animals and horse trainers seeking good horses to train could buy them.

it would also make known regions producing quality animals.

it is of course essential not to allow the kingdom to buy livestock, but trade between players through the counter would allow to know acquainted even to trade live for more massive exchanges.

as a farmer I would very much like to be able to make my production known by this means rather than having to turn my sheep into kebabs to attract traders to my farm.

Thank you for your attention.

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