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Claim system and judegement hour changes

I know there are alot of suggestions reguarding claims and judgement hour but i feel that i should put in my two cents. Some things in this suggestion tab are taken rom other suggestions to be wraped into one post. All these ideas are not mine.
First off we have the claim system which is great and i love to see implemented so that groups can play together in the world but there are a few glitches in the system so to speak.
1. first off when a group clains an area it becomes unterraformable and untouchable to outsiders o any kind. If a guild claims the only cay in the area i guess your out of luck because you can't go and get any close by. It also doesn't allow you to loot chest and other such storage structures in the area.
FIX - I feel that the guild claim should work as a formality to state that a group is settleing there and is possibly going to develope the region into a town or city to later tade with or become hostile to. the claim should not become this orcefield around the land to prevent theives and raiders from getting to the valueable things a guild wants to protect. the guild claim system should be onlt a guideline as to the borders of a town. Any members in a claim will then have the ablility to claim personal strucures inside this claim system such as houses and coups, Thus leading to a personal plot of land inside the town where you can keep personal belongings. Now if a building goes unclaimed in a guilds claim then it is free game to loot but not claim by and outsider so as to prevent geifing in that way making a stucture unuseable. As for teraforming i feel that it sohuld be free game for all players to do inside a base. yes there are negative sides to that but what if that guild has a trade deal with another guild and a middle man is sent to ig up the clay or ore or rock.
You have to remember that the game is called Life is Feudal. there were no magic walls protecting people back then and there shouldn't be now .

2. Claims have a maximum player limit. ( This is comming from another post.) Guild claims currently have a max player count which i would like to see removed at the least. I have no further expectations or this but some people feel that claim sizes should be reletive to member population.

Fix - remove the max player count from the monuments.

3. Guild rankings - Currently all members in a guild are ranked equally. This is a fine system as everyone has the same power but in a large town members may not always think the same.

Fix - I feel that elections or some sort of heirarchy should be formed so that more dominat players can control the fate of the town and conduct diplomacy with neighbors.

4. - Last guild claim suggestion. (comming from another post) Create claims that can be different shapes and sizes. maybe set a block limit for a claim and let the members chose how it is layed out depending on if they want a square or amybe even a half circle to avoid water.

Judgement hour.

1. the game is based on killing and not killing right? so why break this system to let out the psychopaths roam free.

Fix - remove it all together (this is probably not ging to happen)

2. If you want to keep judgement hour then just tweak it so that it only removes guild claims on objects but not personal ones.( if above changes are implented then this is pointless)

3. replace judgement hour with things such as lockpicking or maybe all out wars ( which is something mentioned somwhere)

Fix - judgement hour is a flawed system that will hopefully be replaced by thevery mechanics and such. alignemnt should be a constant factor though and should not be tampered with.
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