Debug level flag in configuration file

All kind of debug information is great! The more the better! It should not be forgotten on final version either.

I would like to see debug levels presented for most of the reported actions from core.
Most preferable is that this flag could be changed on the fly (Console and GM command?)

Currently each reported action from server core causes at least two OUT requests to happend. One in log file and one in server console.
IMHO, this also uses too much server resources for almost nothing. Most information reported on server console is pretty useless, because most of the time, you do not have time to read any of it.

Levels could be range from 0 to 3. Where 0 is almost nothing (only crucial information and errors), when the maximum level 3 is set, server core reports about player skill ups and reports also about sending that information the client. It would not hurt either, if this debug level could be presented for both, log files and server console window.

I have noticed this before, but currently sort of bug in riding with a horse causes server Console to go wild with red text "packetDataChecksum disagree!"
So now everyone can test this. Let's make 5 players to ride fast in a circle and observe the lag! :)
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