Implement the ability to build bridges/docks

I personally think it'd be really cool if they could implement a design for players to build bridges and docks, this could go into both the Construction and Masonry skill tree if they made multiple designs (like how there are different tiers of fences and walls) such as a simple design made by peasants, a more reinforced and structurally sound wooden bridge, and the cliche arched stone bridge. Expanding on this players could also maybe build docks if their town/city/castle is coastal which would make boats much more interesting if they too were to be eventually implemented (Some players would love to be viking raiders).

I think people would love this for when rivers exist in the world instead of players building disgusting dirt bridges which would stop the flow of water, looking at the dirt bridges players make to the small Eastern island.
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    Sunday, January 10 2016, 02:18 PM - #Permalink
    planned with ships that are coming in may/june
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