Medieval Private Message - Pigeon Loft -

Hello guy ,

I wish propose you to make a new small building called pigeon loft to send message from a point A to a point B

Restriction to build :
- Build in a claim (named with the name of this claim)
- 1 Per claim

Information of mechanics
- Sending short message (max 255 charact) with signed by the sender (prevent troll).
- Cooldown depend of the distance between pigeon loft (1h to send and come back at maximum distance or more) (prevent spam)
- Recieving time depend of the distance and half the cooldown (30min between sending and recieving messages at max distance)
- Stock at max of 10 messages in a pigeon loft (if a new message come , the most oldest message is deleted.)
- Delete one message or all in a pigeon loft.
- Pick up a message and store as a item to a player backpack or warehouse as you want or BURN IT !
- Send a message to a selected community (claim) or randoming (fun).

- Allow for all people to spy message in the pigeon loft . Keep the message on you to safe it !

I hope that's help you to talk between community without need to travel and just asking (have you some silver ingot? and they say you "No!")

With best wishes,
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