I completely understand the need to keep the servers clear of items and that the private/guild claim method is what allows for items to remain without degrading, but I was just thinking of how incredibly fast many items degrade in the current state and that if you did not train yourself or another in building maintain, you have to wait for the item to fully disappear before building a new one.

What brought this to my mind was that I built some simple fencing for aesthetic purposes. It degrades incredibly fast, and I cannot repair it, so must wait until it fully disappears and rebuild the very simple structure over again. perhaps some of the early simple structures could be repaired more easily? (a wicket fence made of only sticks should not need a skilled repairman with nails and wood billets to mend it, or a wooden fence with simple rope and board)

Just a thought, obviously not very high on the priority list, but maybe could be tweaked a little in time.
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    Tuesday, May 22 2018, 04:15 PM - #Permalink
    You can always hit it with a torch.
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