- Life is Feudal - add the similarity of the church Церкви для молитвен спящему
Tiếng Việt
get the game
add the similarity of the church.. for spend bloody rituals - simple building for first step (sanctuary)
- New skills (branch of chaplain), for more alighment +3 or +5 with 100 lvl skills of chaplain, help for bandits with -50 karmstatus.... sometime
- New career (Chaplain)
- New building
- More holy-wars if u present 2 kinds of church building :))
- New item (blood, saint water, altar, idols)

Добавьте подобие церкви или святилища ))
- Новые скилы для ветки капеллана\священника, дающие +3 или +5 кармы на 100 уровне скила(для примера), возможность раз в неделю снимать статус безбожника, то есть отмаливать карму тому, у кого она ниже -50
- Новая профа, ветка скилов
- Новое здание.. для начала церквушка или алтарь
- Распри между язычниками и безбожниками (Спящий vs ... против всех других короче))
- Новые предметы и мебель (кровушка, святая вода, алтарь, идолы)
:D :D
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    Tuesday, January 03 2017, 10:02 PM - #Permalink
    i agree with the point, to create religion branch in peaceful skill tree. In medieval, priest was very important profession, they was literate people, able to write and read books, also only church was able to provide best quality education. But no priest was not a farmer or a blacksmith, they worked only in the spiritual realm, and their labor was in demand. I propose to make this branch "piety > priesthood > iconography > inquisition > holiness"

    In piety stage, you are a simple man without special skills in worship, you can only pray your god to be mercy and increase your carma a bit. If you havent joined any religion yet, you will be common pagan.

    When you become priesthood, you are now able to bless other people with special buff and increase their carma much more effective, than they will do it alone. On higher levels your buffs and carma abilities become stronger, you will also be able to create holy water, write books, bless territory and stuff, and sing in church choir for better yield of your guild.

    Iconography. Now you have ability to create more fetish stuff, such as amulets, totems, talismans, and holy icons on top level.

    Inquisition. When you stuned, or just captured any pagan or other religion people who belives in false gods, you have ability to torture them, and decrease their carma level, but not below 0. The more you skilled in inquisition, then more carma you will take away from them.

    Holiness. You become a legend for your religion, now your have a lot of usefull buffs, carma boosts, your presence on battlefield will give you special inspiration buff to your fellows and other useful things. On 100 level you will be able to create and manage your own religion
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    Monday, April 20 2020, 01:19 AM - #Permalink
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