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Buy Orders for Trade Posts.

The Idea is really Simple.
Allow us to Set Buy Orders on Trade Posts.
This Idea has come up several times in the Forums as well already. And its clearly a Needed Feature.

Due to the Highly Limited Storage Space of Trade Posts. You cannot Sell Large Quantities of Items there.
And for the Reason of Real Life. Finding someone Online who Sells what you Need is often not really going to happen.

Simple Mechanic. Allow us to Set a Buy Order on the Trading Post which has a Minimum Quality Requirement and a Set Price per Piece.
People can then Fill the Order on a per Piece Basis.

The Initiator of the Buy Order has 5 Game Days (so about 25 Hours) to Claim the Items from the Trade Post.
After that the Items will be Moved to the Storage of the Trade Post and will thus cost Money for Storage.

The People who have things to Sell are often better Equipped and have more Options for Traveling.
Moreover they often have enough Stock to Serve several Buyers.
While those Buy things are mostly those who do not have such things and thus Require to Buy them.
Moreover the Seller then can Fill Demand by Producing things.
It would Greatly Improve Trade. And make it much easier to actually Play this Game. Because then you could just Set a Buy Order for the Things you need.
Instead of Running around Hoping that anyone who by Chance has what you need is Online.
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    Sunday, July 25 2021, 03:38 PM - #Permalink
    The idea of setting a trade button in the forum is great because through this manner users can earn their livings by selling their products. I am thinking to create a seller account here. Visiting https://ulzzangkorea.net/ website is always useful because you read about business ideas there.
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    Friday, May 18 2018, 07:56 PM - #Permalink
    I think they should add an NPC courier/caravan that delivers orders. Depending on how big the guild is and how much influence they have will determine their ability to transport and protect the delivery. So maybe you start off with a guy on foot, then he can get a horse, horse cart, and eventually guards that protect the caravan. Other players could attack the caravan and get alignment penalties just like anytime you attack other players. The NPC only delivers to other trade posts though so you need rights to use the trade post of course. I think it could increase player interactions and add life to the terrain with caravans traveling. You could even make the buyer pay "protection" fees to ensure a guard accompanies the transport.
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    Friday, May 11 2018, 09:46 AM - #Permalink
    I'm Azeron and I approve this! Lets make LiF Great Again!
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    Thursday, May 10 2018, 08:17 PM - #Permalink
    This would be ok, but what really needs to change is the TP needs to move coin and items in the background, so no one has issues with TP being behind walls. I'm not going to run items to an unknown character/team/guild and risk that the people are going to gank me themselves or they are surrounded by gankers who will take stuff. Its not worth the effort for a small chance of coin that I can easly just farm building logs to get the same result a lot safer.
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    Wednesday, May 09 2018, 12:25 AM - #Permalink
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