Chests, Boxes, Barrels... What's inside?

Hello everyone, I have come up with a new suggestion and I hope a lot of you will support me with this.

While playing and playing in a growing community, I noticed a rather... unnerving problem:

While Warehouses are good an fine you will stil tend to stuff them with boexes, barrels and so on, to increase the capacety. Well, there is just one problem with that: Which box contained what?

While a single Player or a group of few people could manga somehow to still be organized right now, in a group of 10+ people it becomes chaotic...

So a suggestion to solve this problem:
Let there be drandings to be put on containers! (or at least let me rename one like a backpack...)

I guss it would be nice idea for a new, forgeable toll and as well help very much organizing stuff... I already spent more than 5 minutes looking through barrels and cheast to store something, only to find out, that the specific Barrel was moved to another warehouse.

Being able to put simple black and white symbols on the cheasts, Barells and what not, would really be helpfull and add some atmosphere as well. This way even Guild-logos could be branded on them, once it is possible to upload images for this feature.

What do you think about this?
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