Claim and permission

I would like to have a chance to give different permissions to the players in my claim.
We play at a RP-server and it would be nice if strangers could take things I throw to the ground. Simply to have a way to trade with them inside. It feels somehow strange to move outside every time we want to trade something. But I dont want them to to have access to warehouses or wardropes and chests (sometimes that would be nice too.)

Also the player inside my claim shouldnt be able to access only the areas they need. Since I am a farmer and work together with another one we would like to access the same warehouse but since people like to make stacks of everything it happens alot that our quality drops. So it would be nice if we both would have permission to open the warehouse and others don't.

Since you can life with up to 10 people in one building wouldnt it be nice for all of them to have a 'key' for this house and not just the one who claimed it or leave the door open?

So my idea is to have
-general permissions for the claim
-specific permissions for every player
-specific permissions for your claimed buildings

this would improve your ways of organisation alot but if you dont like it everything would stay at it is (also would be like some kind of ranking inside of your claim since the leader might be able to access everything)
since we play with about 15 people its hard to speak with everyone even if we use our forum
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