If your COLD go inside ?

Hello Dev's I love your game 10/10, there are some little things that bother me but I do understand that its an early game and there is always work to be done, but the issue i have is why do all my citizens die of hypothermia, if there cold why don't they go inside, i have loads of firewood and charcoal but they still die, if it was possible, when they get cold they should go inside to get warm again, and if there working switch with someone vise-versa :p ;)
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    Wednesday, October 12 2016, 04:05 PM - #Permalink
    If your citizens are dying of hypothermia in the current release of the game, then one likely cause is that they are traveling too far from home. It's also possible they do not have adequate clothing. I don't believe either of those situations could be resolved by a suggestion to have them go inside their homes. Therefore, you might want to post this question on a forum like the Steam discussion group for Forest Village. People there may be able to help you figure out how your citizens can avoid hypothermia.
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