Keybinds on everything

Do it like this:
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    Thursday, August 13 2015, 12:12 PM - #Permalink
    Okay, nobody is replying or anything so I'm gonna elaborate. This is only a rough concept of how I believe the menues should intergrate keybindings.

    The result of this would be that the gaming pace would increase a lot and would be a lot smoother. To observe the ground I would only have to right-click the ground, press 5, press 1 = done. Then I can keep on flattening the ground without changing my "Default" choise. I could still do that now, but there would be a lot of mouse-clicking involved which is messing with mah limbs.

    Many tasks in the game require using different actions during the same chain of events. Smelting/Forging for instance. Lower ground to get the iron ore, manage smelting building to light up the bloomery, melt to melt it down etc etc. At the same time I probably have to interact with my kiln to make some coal, interact with some chests to get some mats, maby even chop down a tree or whatever. All of these actions result in endless mouse mashing which is nothing but unnecesary pain.

    Starcraft wouldn't work without it's keybindings. Photoshop wouldn't either. All great programs are using fully intergrated keybindings - LiF should do it also because it is very annoying to always keep rebinding the default action (not to mention the fact that the current system doesn't even work properly at the moment, because it keeps changing the default command when there are elements in common between the two entities)

    I didn't want this to become a wall of text, hence the OP but.. hey

    TL:DR - No more mouse clicking insanity. Like this and help me get rid of all the unecessary time being spent on re-binding actions.
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